There is an old saying in the construction Industry, "each to their own trade". Alas, that is not always the case, as a fully professional stonemason, I experience an ever growing number of general builders taking on stonemasonry contracts, while posessing only the minimum knowledge of this specialist profession. Older stone structures with decaying weather worn stone, require the attention of a professional stonemason, or Architectural stonemason/carver,because it is often the case that the original stone can be renovated for a minimal charge. A general builder would chop out the stone in question and replace it anyway for a hefty unchallenged price. I and my fellow professionals are often called upon to sort out the atrocious stone replacments recently carried out by unqualified builders, adding more unneccessary cost to the owners of the building .Had they searched for a stonemason in the first place, they would have a professional and correctly fitted job, and recieve a free inspection of the outer stonework condition, if required. The Yellow Pages, place Drystone wallers alongside Stonemasons, giving the public the wrong indicators of what stonemasonry is about. Drystone wallers are a totally different profession than stonemasons. we are chalk and cheese. because of the misdirected category, members of the public requiring stonework attention, mostly always ring a general builder in the "builders" category, who will be more than happy to take on the job that is not suited to their abilities. The public must be made aware that stonemasons are advanced builders and stone craftsmen in every sense of the word.